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An Exceptional Record of Achievement

The highly accomplished architects, master builders and project managers at award-winning Little & Associates, Inc. bring an outstanding record of success to your real estate project. Our experienced team of professionals focuses on the initial due diligence and needs assessment process to avoid problems as the project moves forward. We manage the day-to-day work of all entities involved through our Owner’s Representative Services program that is designed to reduce costs and assure a quality outcome while allowing you to retain decision-making authority.

Founded in 1992 under the accomplished direction of Thomas W. Little, Little & Associates, Inc. offers full-service real estate consultancy for the best possible solutions from offices located in Jupiter, Florida, New York City and Raleigh, North Carolina. We offer the exceptional personal service you expect to suit your real estate project.

Little & Associates, Inc. boasts a comprehensive list of achievements across many types of real estate projects nationwide. From retail and mixed-use centers and multi-family buildings to large-scale ventures in hospitality, medical, and institutional construction, we pay meticulous attention to every detail. Our team has guided distinctive projects inception to completion, including unique projects such as an equestrian venue and a lavish private estate for an ultra high net worth Middle Eastern prince.

We maintain close ties with real estate organizations throughout the United States to bring you expert local advice wherever it is needed, for the following project types:

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